How to Avoid Being Scammed

Follow These Tips to Avoid Being Scammed


Scammers are tricky in their schemes from having a fake Buyer call you to giving the real name, company and website of a real legitimate company. You must be smart too. Do your research!


1. You will hear it again and again from us because this is the Golden Rule of Timeshare Resale… Never pay ANY fee in advance of a sale! If you pay a scammer they will make more money and sell your name to another scammer. If they get you once, they believe the probability is high you will pay again. Prove them wrong!


2. Search on the internet for whatever names they give you. If you find that company call the number on the company’s website and ask if “Joe Buttons” works for the company. Ask to speak to Joe and see if was really him who contacted you.


3. Look the company up on the Better Business Bureau.


4. Look them up with the Division of Real Estate. If they say they are a real estate company, ask what state and go to that state’s Division of Real Estate and look to see if they are in good standing.


5. Ask who will be the Title Company or Closing Company completing the sale. Research that company. Look them up online and call the published number and ask if they know the company/person who called you and if the recommend working with them.


6. Deal with Licensed Real Estate Agents. Work with someone that is licensed by an authority so that you will have someone to complain to if you have a problem. Additionally, it makes sense to want to place an ad online and try to sell it on your own; however putting your contact information out there makes you a target for the scammers. If have already placed ads yourself, be ready for calls/emails and do your research on the person/company who contacts you. Again, look them up online and contact them from the published information on their website to confirm that they are who they say they are. Then take it a step further and check the BBB and their State’s Division of Real Estate for good standing.