Why Sell with Premier Timeshare Resale?






We aren’t going to insult your intelligence by making claims of being “the best” or “the number one place to sell a timeshare” and then charging you a fee in advance of getting the job done. Who pays an employee before the work is done? It doesn’t matter how good you say you are, if a company is that good then they will have enough faith in themselves to receive payment once the work is complete and satisfactory. We will prove ourselves to you by selling your timeshare for no upfront fee.  We’ll let you decide who is the best.  Let us work for you and see why  “competent,” “professional,” “educated,” “dedicated,” “honest,” and “experienced” are just some of the words our client’s use to describe Premier Timeshare Resale.


SELLERS BEWARE!  Always be cautious of anyone wanting a fee in advance of the sale. If a company can truly sell your timeshare then any and all fees including listing, advertising, service, title, transfer or closing fees can be taken out of your proceeds at closing.  See our list of common scams and how to avoid them.





Our marketing strategies are comprehensive covering print, online, a worldwide timeshare broker alliance.


No matter where your timeshare is located, no one will work harder to find you a buyer.


1. We spend our time and money targeting buyers.  Upfront fee companies target sellers because that’s how they make money.  We are working to drive traffic to our website for phrases commonly searched by buyers on Google and other Search Engines.


2. Find us on popular Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube,  Google Plus, Foursquare, Stumble Upon, Metacafe, Get Fav, Ezine Articles and others. 


3. Reach your target market – high end vacationers.  In addition to a world wide presence on the Internet, we also have a physical office in Park City, Utah.  Home to 3 world class ski resorts, a variety of 18- hole championship golf courses and many other year-round activities Park City hosts more than 19 million vacationers a year. These vacationers are the perfect fit for timesharing and many buy multiple weeks in all their favorite beach, ski and golf locations.  Our advertisements can be found in over 100 high traffic locations through out Park City including brochure racks, local guides, maps, Park City Week’s computer kiosks located in hotel lobbies and even on a graphically wrapped SUV that cruises around town!


4. We are in the business of selling timeshares, not just listing them. We take our responsibilities seriously and do what is in your best interest to get your timeshare sold; this means working together with an extensive network of agents and companies.


Licensed Timeshare Resale Brokers Association. We work with an extensive and powerful network of licensed brokers to bring buyers and sellers together. We have an international timeshare specific MLS (mulitiple lisiting service) where we share our timeshare listings with timeshare brokers in other resort destinations, including hot spots like California, Florida and Hawaii.



Timeshare Resale Advertising Fee Websites. We not only advertise your week on our website, but also on other popular timeshare resale websites even some that charge upfront advertising fees. We've done the research and know where advertising dollars are best spent to maximize visibility. We'll pay the advertising costs, giving your timeshare exposure to thousands a day, deliberately searching timeshare resales.



5. We split the commission with any licensed real estate agent who brings us a buyer.  This is actually quite important as some timeshare resale companies require the other agent to add their commission to their buyer’s purchase price.  This makes it more difficult for other agents to sell your timeshare to their buyers. In the state of Utah, this is considered unethical. If a Listing Agent is not offering to share the commission fee with other agents they are actually doing their seller an injustice.  It’s not a common question to ask but a smart one if you’re serious about selling your timeshare.


6. We handle all negotiations, communications and paperwork. We work closely with closing and title companies who are experienced in timeshares to make sure the sale is closed correctly with recording offices and the resort.  We are involved from start to finish so you don’t have to be.  We will keep your deals from falling through with a smooth transaction.


7. We donate a percent of our commissions to Make-A-Wish Foundation. When you sell with us you help us grant a child’s travel related wish.  For details see our Charity page.


Your time is precious; spend it with your loved ones!
Sell your week with Premier Timeshare Resale





Our licensed agents will research your timeshare and find other comparable timeshares for sale on the timeshare resale market.  We will evaluate all factors such as sold prices, date sold, current number of timeshare resales available and prices, length of time those have been on the market and overall supply and demand of your timeshare resort. 


You wouldn’t sell your house without getting an appraisal done by a certified appraiser.  Let our experienced Timeshare Realtors give you an honest, realistic price opinion on the resale value of your timeshare.


Our goal is to find the listing price that will not only net you as much as possible, but also attract serious buyers.  Our agents won’t tell you a timeshare resale is worth more than it is just to get you to pay an upfront fee. 


We don’t charge upfront fees. We get paid, when you get paid. 




The sooner you put us to work the sooner we can turn your timeshare into something you can really use - CASH!




  1. We are licensed agents in multiple states.
  2. We have 0 complaints with the Division of Real Estate.
  3. We have an “A+” rating and 0 complaints with the BBB.
  4. We are Timeshare Realtors®. 
  5. We have hundreds of happy clients, many of whom referred friends and family to us. Read testimonials.





Our best advice is to go travel with your family and friends and enjoy it! If you find you are not using it or no longer wish to use it and you are paying yearly maintenance fees then it is definitely time to sell it.




If you decide to keep it but find yourself with extra time that you are not able to use, you may want to consider donating the usage to Make-A-Wish Foundation.  This may enable you to help grant a child’s wish to go to Disney World, build a sand castle on a warm beach or see snow for the first time. In return, you will feel great and can discuss a tax deduction on the usage fees with your Accountant.   See our Charity page for more details.


Are you ready?  Sell your week with Premier Timeshare Resale now!