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What exactly is a "Timeshare Realtor" anyway? Well let's take a closer look...


Time · share - noun - a form of ownership in which parties share the ownership or right to use a property, normally a condominium, hotel-resort, or vacation home. Each party owns an allotted period of time in which they can use the property. Timeshares are also known as "Vacation Ownership", "Vacation Clubs" and "Fractional Ownership".


Re·al·tor - noun - REALTOR® is a trademark of the National Association of REALTORS®. In order to use this trademark you must be a member of the NAR and adhere to their strict code of ethics. The code establishes an expected conduct of behavior that may even be higher than what is required by law. You must have an active real estate license regulated by the state in which you operate and be affiliated with your local board. Not all real estate brokers, agents or salespeople are members of the NAR and thus not all are REALTORS®.


View the entire NAR Code of Ethics.


Therefore our definition of "Timeshare Realtor" would be as stated below:


Timeshare REALTOR® - noun -A licensed real estate agent who is a member of the National Association of REALTORS® and specializes in the buying and selling of timeshares. A Timeshare REALTORS® business is regulated by the state or states in which they are licensed.


Premier Timeshare Resale's Timeshare REALTORS® strictly follow the NAR's Code of Ethics and therefore never mislead, misrepresent or take advantage of a client in any way. Our agents never charge an advanced or upfront fee of any kind. Our Seller clients do not pay a penny for our services until their timeshare is sold and closed. Sellers pay our agents a commission fee after their timeshare sale is recorded and transferred into a new owners name.


Premier Timeshare Resale's Buyer clients do not pay a fee for our service and expertise. When our Buyer's make an offer on a timeshare that is accepted an earnest money deposit is taken from the Buyer and held in our RE/MAX Associates State Regulated Brokers Trust Account. Our Timeshare REALTORS® have a fiduciary responsibility to each and every client that is taken very seriously.


Why is it important to use a licensed real estate broker?


When you use a licensed broker you are working with a professional agent who met the education, training, experience and background check requirements of the state in which they are licensed. Furthermore, you are working with an agent who's activities are monitored by a broker. Both the agent and the broker are then regulated by the state's Division of Real Estate.


The biggest reason to work with a licensed real estate broker is so you have recourse should you be mislead, misrepresented or flat out scammed. A licensed agent or broker is held accountable by the Division of Real Estate and can be fined and even jailed for unacceptable business practices.


Is it necessary to use a Timeshare REALTOR®?


No, you do not have to use a Timeshare REALTOR®. However, it is highly recommended. Working with a licensed agent who not only specializes in timeshares but is a member of the National Association of REALTORS®, gives the client the added protection of working with an agent or broker who adheres to the NAR's Code of Ethics and is further regulated by a local board of REALTORS®.


Working with Premier Timeshare Resale's Timeshare REALTORS® puts top of the line licensed professionals who specializes in buying and selling timeshare resorts to work for you. In an industry that is plagued by unscrupulous individuals and a variety of complex scams designed to fool even the wisest consumers, you just can't be too safe. Don't blindly trust anyone, even us. Do your homework! See our "Avoiding Scams" page for red flags, steps to take to ensure you are not working with a scammer, and a list of common scams.


Check now to ensure our agents and broker have an active license in good standing with the Utah Division of Real Estate:

Alanna Hatz

Kelly Marshall

Butch Dailey


Check now to see Premier Timeshare Resale's rating with the Better Business Bureau  

Premier Timeshare Resale has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  This is important as it means we not only have not had complaints registered but that we also have been in business long enough to be legitimate.   You should always check a companies BBB rating before working with them.  Be cautious of companies who have no complaints but have not been in business very long.  Many companies who are unethical in their dealings or a front for a scam will continuously start new companies under new names as soon as complaints are registered and their reputation becomes tarnished.



Who are the Timeshare REALTORS® with PTR?


Kelly Marshall and Alanna Hatz are both hardworking Timeshare REALTORS® and owners of Premier Timeshare Resale. Kelly Marshall moved to Park City, Utah in 2002, originally from Pennsylvania. Kelly obtained a degree in Public Relations and Advertising, as well as a minor in Spanish prior to her interest in Real Estate. Kelly took the time to study in Spain and even lived in Playa del Carmen, Mexico for six months. Kelly even sold timeshares for Sunset Group in Mexico. Prior to owning Premier Timeshare Resale, Kelly sold and marketed timeshare for Marriott Vacation Club in Park City, Utah for 3 years. Kelly is as thoroughly experienced as Timeshare REALTORS® come!


Alanna Hatz has also acquired plenty of time and experience in the Timeshare Industry. Alanna is originally from Alberta, Canada. Alanna is a true timeshare enthusiast, she and her family discovered Park City while on a timeshare exchange! Alanna has worked and lived in several resort towns, which leads to her widespread timeshare experience. Alanna has extensive timeshare sales experience in Whistler, BC; Santa Fe, NM; and Palm Springs, CA. As a timeshare agent in these locations she gained experience in Timeshare Sales, Marketing and Management. Alanna is now a Timeshare REALTOR® with a true passion for helping families make precious memories together. Alanna specializes as Premier Timeshare Resale’s top Timeshare REALTORS® and works in closely with Kelly Marshall.


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