Wyndham Fairfield Plantation
Villa Rica, Georgia
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Whyndam Fairfield Plantation

Georgia has the unique ability to be both relaxing, secluded and sweetly filled with southern hospitality as well as being fiery, exciting and full of life. Whyndam Fairfield Plantation is located in beautiful Villa Rica, Georgia and is perfectly suited to those seeking a truly relaxing vacation and for those wanting the spice of life in nearby Atlanta. Atlanta is bursting with activities including baseball games at Turner Field, home of the Atlanta Braves, Dragon Con the largest pop culture convention in the south, and enough history to excite any visitor. Be sure to visit the Coca-Cola factory, the Martin Luther King, Jr. tomb and stop in for drinks and karaoke in any of the numerous restaurants and bars.

Wyndham Fairfield Plantation Weather

The weather you can expect to experience in Villa Rica during the summer months is warm, breezy mornings and sunny, hot and clear days ready for swimming, sun bathing and fishing. Villa Rica's sleepy, warm nights are perfect for porch sitting with a glass of tea and a game of cards. Winters are mild and short with an occasional, southern cold snap perfect for curling up in your condo with a smooth mug of coffee and a book. Simply put, you will feel safe and comfortable no matter the season you visit. It should be noted, however, that some of the amenities offered at Whyndam Fairfield Plantation are seasonal. 

Amenities at Wyndham Fairfield Plantation

Whyndam Fairfield Plantation boasts 3 outdoor swimming pools, 2 sparkling lakes, beach access, and fishing for all the water lovers. The tennis court and golfing will keep your mind and body active and busy, while the Marina and Country Club offer on-site seasonal dining options to replenish you. Buy a Fairfield Plantation timeshare and have a home to sink into while on vacation. Screened porches, spacious and gorgeously decorated condos and old trees for shading just invite you into your. Not many timeshares can say they have the nostalgia of buzzing days gone by, the flavor of an exotic beach, the comfort of your home, and the excitement of one of the biggest metropolitan cities in the United States of America just a short, pleasant drive away.

Choosing a Wyndham Fairfield Plantation Timeshare


Buy a Wyndham Fairfield Plantation timeshare and never have to worry about cold, impersonal hotels putting a dank damper on your rest and relaxation. Fairfield Plantation timeshare resales are wonderful for those seeking a great space to call their own while also looking for a great deal. Investing in a Whyndam timeshare is not just a monetary investment, it is an investment in the comfort, joy and rejuvenation of those craving a getaway without hassle and difficulty. Fairfield Plantation deals are waiting for you.

Buy or Sell a Whyndam Fairfield Plantation Timeshare 


Whether you are looking to buy a Wyndham Fairfield plantation timeshare, or sell your timeshare for the best current fair market value, contact Premier Timeshare Resale and one of our licensed brokers will be happy to answer any questions.