Timeshares for Sale

Premier Timeshare Resale specializes in selling pre-owned timeshares and facilitating the closing process with utmost integrity and superior customer service. Read on to find out why buying timeshare resale is an economic and ideal option.


Timeshare Resales: a Smart Buy


Savvy buyers look for timeshares for sale on the resale market. Timeshares on the resale market are often less than half the price of retail. This is because resales cut the inflated prices that developers pad with extra marketing costs like those “free” gifts and incentives. The timeshares that you will find listed on our website are simply previously owned timeshares that owners have decided, for one reason or another, they would like to sell.


The timeshares offered for sale through Premier Timeshare Resale are exactly the same property, with access to the exact same accommodations that you would find in purchasing through developers. The only difference is that without those hefty marketing costs, the exact same inventory can be found at up to 75% discount. Timeshare resales not like houses for sale; while houses are individual and unique properties, each timeshare at a particular resort in a specific season is identical to the others within that class.


Rely on the Experts at Premier Timeshare Resale


Don’t get overwhelmed by all the timeshare resale properties; let Premier Timeshare Resale help you determine which of the many timeshares options is right for your specific travel needs. PTR has current timeshare resale listings in Europe, Mexico, and the Caribbean, as well as offering timeshares for sale at resorts across the United States. One of the great things about all these timeshares for sale is the varied options they present. The licensed agents at PTR are committed to helping you successfully sift through all the timeshare resales to find the one right for you.


Timeshare Lingo—What it all Means


Season — Some of the timeshares for sale listed through our services are arranged according to season. The seasons are usually tiered, and the timeshares for sale at the higher prices are the are in the prime, or most desirable, seasons. Prime seasons are ski seasons at winter resorts, and summer seasons at warm-weather destinations. Some resorts, like many Hawaii properties, have a year-round season, where the every season is “prime” season.


Fixed or Floating Weeks — Some timeshares may boast of having “fixed” weeks. This simply means that by owning this particular timeshare property, you will be guaranteed to have the same week for vacation each year. Some examples include the week of Christmas or New Years each year. Other timeshares operate on a “floating” week basis. Owners of “floating” weeks can book vacations within a specific season at their resort. At some properties, , like the Hawaii properties discussed above, timeshares “float” year-round, allowing the owner to book a vacation at any time during the year


Flexibility of Points Based Programs for Sale


We also have many timeshares for sale that are based on a points program. These programs offer an annual allotment of points, each at a specific value, which you are then able to use at a variety of resorts within the developer’s program to book the vacation you’d like. With some of the points-based timeshares, you break up your annual allotment of points to book multiple short stays at different resorts. Other resorts request that you book at least a seven-night stay. We recommend thorough research into these points-based programs. As always, one of our agents at Premier Timeshare Resale would love to guide you through the complexity of these points-based vacation ownership programs. Points programs are often a great option for someone looking for timeshares for sale with more flexibility, but it’s definitely worth an investigation into all the different timeshares available determine your family’s specific needs.


Are You Considering Listing a Timeshare for Sale?


On the other side, PTR offers services to owners interested in selling their timeshares. Maybe you are experiencing financial stress or your vacation needs have changed since you purchased a timeshare; or perhaps you have enjoyed one timeshare but would like to try something new. Whatever your situation, PTR can help you sell your timeshare. The sheer volume of timeshares sold through PTR speaks to our competence in serving both sellers and buyers. We are honest and forthcoming about your timeshare’s ability to sell, and we stand by our policy of charging NO UPFRONT fees for sellers to list timeshares for sale.


Timeshare Education is Empowerment


Premier Timeshare Resale encourages buyers and sellers to be educated about their options. Please, regardless of whether you are a buyer looking to purchase a timeshare resale or whether you are a seller who is considering listing their currently owned timeshares for sale on the resale market, please research your options and be careful to avoid resale scams. We want you to feel as confident buying a timeshare resale through our company as we do in serving you through the process of listing your timeshare for sale.