Ritz-Carlton Destination Club Resale

The name Ritz-Carlton is associated with luxurious opulence and indulgent amenities. We even derive a word for describing such luxuries, known as "ritzy". Many people assume a yearly vacation at a Ritz-Carlton is out of the budget, yet through the Ritz-Carlton Timeshare Destination Club, an annual Ritz getaway can become a modestly priced vacation. The Ritz-Carlton Timeshare Destination Club is a timeshare form of vacation getaway and is available at two different levels. Depending on you and your family's needs and preferences, one may be better suited for annual getaway vacations.




About Ritz-Carlton’s Timeshare Destination Club


Ritz-Carlton describes its Timeshare Destination Club as, "a members-only luxury vacation club for discerning, affluent travelers." What this means is that as a member you are ensured a five-star experience at your home unit or any of the other participating Ritz-Carlton Timeshare Destination Club properties.


The Ritz-Carlton timeshare program allows you the flexibility to choose the unit and location without being saddled down with the responsibility of vacation home ownership. When you join the Ritz-Carlton Timeshare Destination Club you become a "fractional" owner of a unit and you have the ability to trade or change out the yearly unit for another Ritz-Carlton timeshare property. The company offers two different levels of membership that gives you the utmost in the way of flexibility.


Portfolio Membership: Flexible Ritz-Carlton Timeshares


The Ritz-Carlton Timeshare Destination Clubs Portfolio Membership is the most flexible and open of the two programs. As a member you are allowed to choose the length of your stay at any participating Ritz-Carlton timeshare property, the size and style of the accommodations, the time you wish to go and the location of your choice. Truly, this allows for nearly limitless possibilities for great vacation getaways. Choose from ski resort locations, cosmopolitan and urban locales, golf resorts or beach-front spas.


Because you have the ability to choose your size and style of accommodation, you have the flexibility to bring one or more people along with you. As with all Ritz-Carlton properties, expect nothing short of five-star lodging, concierge service, valets, restaurants and dining, spa service, room and desk help and detailed daily upkeep. Rooms at the Ritz-Carlton timeshare properties are equipped with the most modern entertainment systems, WiFi and dataports, linen, bed turn-down service, Jacuzzi or spa style hot tubs, kitchens and options for fully stocked wet bars. Your comfort and freedom are first and foremost to the staff at all Ritz-Carlton timeshare properties, letting you concentrate on nothing more than relaxing and enjoying, and not the tedium of arranging activities.


The Portfolio Membership is ideal for those who enjoy trying new destinations and who enjoy taking to the skies for adventure and travel.


Home Club Membership: Ritz-Carlton Constancy


Home Club Membership with a Ritz-Carlton timeshare is the perfect option to choose if you and your family enjoy staying close to home, or simply like having consistency to the getaways. Ritz-Carlton owners with Home Club Membership have the flexibility to choose preferred home Ritz-Carlton Club Timeshare Property and the size and style of the accommodations. This option is perfect for those who want to have the same getaway each year. For example, ski and snowboard enthusiasts may want to know they have an annual getaway to Aspen or Vail. Ritz-Carlton has timeshare properties around the world, with many different types of resorts. Hawaii, Lake Tahoe, Aspen, Vail, San Francisco and St, Thomas are all among the Ritz-Carlton options for owning a timeshare with Home Club Membership.


As a member in this program, you are ensured of having a yearly getaway to the region of your choice. Like all Ritz-Carlton properties, these are five-star resorts. Expect full concierge, valet and room service. In addition the resorts have gourmet dining, pubs and bars, golf or beach style activities and are located in some of the most beautiful places around North America.


Ritz-Carlton Timeshares through Premier Timeshare Resale


Looking to buy a Ritz-Carlton timeshare for sale in one of the many available locations? Premier Timeshare Resale's licensed agents will find you the best Ritz-Carlton deal on the market at no cost to buyers. We'll help you find your ideal Ritz-Carlton Timeshare Resale that fits the needs of your lifestyle and family.


Our agents are licensed, educated and professional. Working hard to ensure a smooth sale for your Ritz-Carlton Timeshare. We never charge an upfront fee to sell your Ritz Carlton and receive our low commissions only when the sale is closed. To get more information click the "Sell My Ritz-Carlton Timeshare" link below!





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