Why Buy Timeshare Resale?

Smart consumers know they can save thousands of dollars by purchasing their timeshare on the secondary market. The hard part is deciding where to start.


It can be overwhelming searching the web for hours, trying to find the resort you want at the time of year you want; emailing advertisers unsure if the ad is current or the timeshare is still available or, even worse, posted by a scam artist! Then, clicking on 20 ads and getting 2 replies both of which are now trying to sell you Fake Rolex Watches or Discounted Prescription Drugs! Yes, many reading this are now chuckling because you know these are the headaches that come with searching for a good deal on a timeshare resale!


Why waste your time when you can trust someone to do the work for you for FREE?


We are professional licensed brokers. We know and understand the timeshare industry. Our educated agents know where to find the best resale deals and are here to help you buy a timeshare at no cost to you!





Save thousands. Nearly half the cost of buying a timeshare through the resort goes to marketing and sales. Resorts commonly offer getaway weekends that are inexpensive but require the guest attend a presentation. Additionally, resorts give away gift certificates and other items to people who book presentations. All of these promotions cost money and all those costs are rolled into the purchase price. You can save up to 60% or more off resort prices!


Risk Elimination. One of the benefits of buying a resale versus buying from the resort is a certain level of risk elimination. You don’t have to worry about such a huge financial loss if you decide to sell it down the road.


Get the same accommodations you would get if you bought directly from the resort. We’ve had some people ask if ,as a resale owner, you are treated differently by staff or get the worst rooms. No! A timeshare resale is simply a previously owned timeshare. You are buying the same top-notch accommodations the resort sold to the first owner. Other than savings, there is little or no difference between buying a new timeshare and a resale. On rare occasions, some programs have very minor restrictions. Our licensed real estate agents are educated in any differences that exist and are happy to discuss it with you.


Choices. When you buy through the resort, choices are limited to that one company's inventory. Although we are located in Park City, our team of experts has experience in the U.S. and internationally. We can help you understand the difference in owning points programs, clubs, or deeded ownerships. We work with the big brand name resorts like Marriott, Hilton, Westin, Disney, and Hyatt but can also recommend more intimate, less expensive ownership resorts.





We don't require a "90 minute” presentation!


We will, however, give you all the time and education you personally need to make a sound choice for your family's future.





Save Time. We will find what you want at the best price on the market. If we don't have it, we know where to look for the best deals and discounted timeshares. We know which sites are up-to-date and which companies are legitimate.


We work for you. Maybe timesharing isn't the right answer for your family. We will help you decide if a timeshare interest, fractional ownership, or full ownership is right for you.


No cost to you. There is no reason not to take advantage of our agents’ knowledge. There is no cost or fee to you for this service. Sellers pay an agreed upon commission and it is split between the Selling and Listing Agent. So no matter which timeshare you buy, we are paid by the seller.


Choices. Our goal is to find the timeshare that is right for your family. We don't just sell our inventory, we work with an extensive network of licensed brokers worldwide. We can help you find the perfect vacation villa anywhere in the world!


If we don't have what you want, we'll find it for you!


We keep it safe and simple. We handle all negotiations, communications and paperwork. All transactions are negotiated with written agreements and all monies are held in escrow or trust accounts. We work closely with closing and title companies who are experienced in timeshares to make sure the sale is closed correctly with recording offices and the resort. Title insurance is optional and available for most properties. We will keep your sale from falling through with a smooth transaction.


We are involved from start to finish so you don’t have to be.

We are upfront and honest. Yes, there are some additional fees when purchasing a timeshare. Like buying a house, there are closing costs associated with transferring title of a timeshare. Fees vary by resort/location and can be discussed with one of our educated professionals.


We are experienced. Our owners have been in the timeshare industry for over 20 years and have worked for several resorts in the United States, Canada, & Mexico.


We have an excellent reputation.
1. We are licensed agents in serveral states.
2. We have 0 complaints with the Division of Real Estate.
3. We have an “A+” rating and 0 complaints with the Better Business Bureau.
4. We have hundreds of happy clients. In fact, we owe the current success of our
business to our many clients' referrals. Read their testimonials.


When you buy with us you help us grant a child’s travel related wish. We are humanitarians at heart and firmly believe in paying it forward. We donate a percent of our commissions from each sale to Make-A-Wish Foundation.



Put us to work for you. Request Information today and we will find your ideal property at the BEST available price on the market.


Our promise is to devote our knowledge, energy and experience into meeting each client's specific needs, before, during, and after the sale.